Playing Birth

A couple of weeks ago, I ran into a Buzzfeed article (groan) about an odd game called “Anna Giving Birth”.  In this unlicensed app, the player assists Anna, the naïve younger sister from Disney’s Frozen, as she gives birth (duh) to Kristoff‘s child — don’t worry!  It’s okay, because they’ve known each other for more than a day now and they’re married now and he’s probably a knight or duke or something (though there’s no proof that they invited the “love experts” to the wedding *sad trombone*).

This game is not a stand-alone product.  The app stores are flush with games with titles like “Mother give a birth [sic],” “Little Newborn Baby Birth,” “My Aunt Gives Birth,” and “Pregnant Princess Mama Gives Birth Baby Girl Baby Boy So Kawaii Lots of Love…”  Okay, I made the last one up…


My issue is not with the existence of such games.

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