Enjoy Your Holiday Beverages (Responsibly)

Drinking while breastfeeding is okay
Is that glass of champagne at the stroke of midnight okay if you’re breastfeeding? (Photo: Chris Chapman)

Many parents worry about drinking alcohol while breastfeeding.  That’s a very valid concern, especially when we consider how much we are cautioned against drinking alcoholic beverages while enciente, because of the risks to the child.

But a drink or two while breastfeeding is OKAY – and you do not have to “pump and dump,” either!  If you don’t believe me, check out this FAQ on Alcohol from La Leche League.

An IBCLC colleague of mine, Tina, of the MILC Group, did offer a good reminder: because our hormonal chemistry is different while breastfeeding, and because you may have avoided alcohol for the better part of a year during pregnancy, your tolerance for alcohol will be different.  So, as always, drink responsibly!

Enjoy your New Year’s celebrations, Mamas!  See you in 2015!

A disclaimer: I am not telling anyone to drink, nor encouraging anyone to do anything they are not safe or comfortable doing.  Please use your best judgement and consult a health care professional for advice specific to your situation.

Mary’s Christmas

Mary totally breastfed the infant Jesus. Merry Christmas from your favorite Salty Mama
Well, the story of the nativity *is* a birth story. (“Virgin of the Green Cushion,” Andrea Solari)

Does a woman born without sin get to complain about cankles?  Did she get excited when she felt those first contractions?  How did she feel when she realized she was going to labor next to livestock?  Did a sweet local woman or relation hold her hand and guide her through transition?  Did she hold that sweet infant to her chest and exclaim, “my baby, my baby!” in postpartum ecstasy?

I can’t help but ponder the details of how Mary birthed and breastfed the infant Jesus.  I think it’s part of being a doula.  Birth is a universal experience, yet it seems we always seek out more details on what made each experience unique.  (Edit: My friend and fellow doula, Nikki, has a GREAT post on Mary’s birth story as told in the Qu’ran, and the wisdom it holds for modern mothers.)

I bet the first time the Holy Mother latched her infant son on to her breast, she looked down and there were tears in her eyes, because as it is for all mothers the first time they gaze upon their child, he was perfect and the moment was magic.

I wish everyone a merry Christmas!  My thoughts are especially on new and expecting parents today – may the trials and joys of parenthood leave you a stronger person, and may your love for your children grow without bounds.