Birth Art: “Dar La Luz”

dar la luz birth art
“Dar La Luz,” birth art by Ruth Castillo, 2014.

I’m busy coordinating a DONA Birth Doula training this week.  One of my favorite traditions with training is that our trainer (Linda of Natural Beginnings in Dallas) always opens the workshop with “birth art.”

Linda encourages the new doulas to express their thoughts on birth on paper.  We set out paper and markers, oil pastels, crayons, color pencils and pens, and give everyone time to be creative.  Sometimes people just write out a few words and phrases, sometimes they draw elaborate images.  Every one is given time to share their work with the group, then we use those pages to decorate the workshop space for the weekend.  It’s such a revealing tradition.

The above drawing I did with crayons at a training in Spring 2014.  Depending on your world view it’s a flame or vulva with several phrases and mantras that had empowered me and my clients in the previous year of doula work: “dar la luz,” “vag out,” “peace in birth,” “strength,” “waheguru,” “blessed is the fruit of thy womb,” “dignity, dignity, respect and dignity.”

Have you done birth art?  Maybe as part of childbirth preparation classes, birth story listening or even a support group?