New year, new hair (same me)

I started 2015 by heading to see my family in Houston.  I got to chill with my mom and sister, watch lots of Disney on VHS with my kiddo, stay up late with a dear friend and see my Abuela Pepa at her absolute more alert and animated in months (she’s going to be 93 soon!).  It was just full of humble-awesome.

I did have some excitement while I was out of town: I finally woman’ed up and dyed my hair.  My sister, Sarah Victoria, is a cosmetologist and salon manager at Solution For Hair & Makeup in Houston.  She and her assistant, Crystal, did a two-step process to tint and glaze my natural dark hair to plum.  Straight on the color is subtle, but in the right light, it glows with an intense hue.

I’ve longed for awhile to try a new hair color I’m so glad I took the plunge – what do you think of my new look?

snapshot of Ruth Castillo
My new hair color – a subtle purple by Sarah Victoria of Solution for Hair and Makeup, Houston.


I’m glad to be back home tonight.  Back to work tomorrow!