Black and White and Purple…

I know I’ve been very, very absent from this blog, but I’ve been busy… like very busy, baking a bun in my oven… THAT oven. You can check out my pregnancy blog at

Anyway, last night I decided to make black and white chili, which features black beans and great northern beans… and I decided that I was NOT going to buy beans in a can when a bag would be much cheaper… who cares if it takes a significant time longer because of soaking and cooking the beans!

Well, to save myself a dish and a minuscule amount of time, I decide to soak said dry beans in the same bowl overnight. I rinsed them and checked for rocks and bad beans and left them covered with a towel to soak on the counter. What I didn’t realize was that I was going end up with purple northern beans!

I guess we’re having purple and black chili tonight. 🙂