Food for the one I love

For our Valentine’s day, the husband and I stayed in and tried some new recipes.

For breakfast, I made blueberry-studded johnny cakes (cornmeal pancakes), fried turkey bacon and scrambled eggs. We ran some errands at the department store that I’m trying to wean myself of, then came back home to bake a chocolate cake and put dinner together: steaks, green beans, whipped “potatoes” and gravy.

Dinner was super easy! The steaks, a Christmas gift from family, went on the stove-top griddle with some salt and pepper. I had picked up some “steam-in-bag” green beans, so I didn’t even need to dirty a dish for those! The “potatoes” we make aren’t even really potatoes. I take a bag of frozen cauliflower, put it in a large bowl and sprinkle it with kosher salt. Then we steam them in the microwave until they are soft and slightly warm – but not hot! – to the touch, and then blend them in our blender with some butter, plain yogurt, black pepper, a few dashes of ground mustard and paprika. Then we heat them up the rest of the way – delish!

I also discovered “cheater” mushroom gravy – honest to goodness, I hadn’t looked it up online but just made it up as I went along… then discovered that people have been making the same sauce for decades… Eh, it’s Americana – what did I expect? I simply took a can of condensed mushroom soup, a splash of white cooking wine, some more ground black pepper and some leftover beef stock (maybe half a cup?) and warmed it up on the stove while the steaks cooked. So good!

After we finished dinner, we made chocolate yoghurt icing for the cake.  It was a bit sweet… like, omg-never-sub-sweetened-flavored-yoghurt-for-plain-even-in-a-sweet-recipe too sweet.  Though the cake itself came out just perfect, so I’ll survive.

I hope everyone had a pleasant Valentine’s day!


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  1. Hey, sounds like a great menu. I would have to subm the meat for th some fish but everything else sounds great.

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