Oh My! Is it New Year’s Already?

Sorry about the lack of update after I said I would – I’m still learning how to use WordPress and I accidentally saved the last entry as a draft and never published it.  Eep!  The post’s kinda irrelevant now so I’m not going to worry about it.

I know it’s the end of January but I thought you should know that I’ve settled on some New Year Resolutions.

  1. Make (and eat!) more lacto-fermented food. This means actually make some ‘kraut!  Mmm, sauerkraut is so good!  Also, retry my hand at sourdough starter and use it to make bread.
  2. Bake more bread. Use my bread-maker at least twice a week and find a recipe that works for the husband and I.
  3. Stick to a laundry schedule: we don’t currently have a washer/dryer set at home so I absolutely have to work harder at keeping to a schedule.
  4. Take the dogs on more walks.
  5. Stress less about work: leave work at work and keep a clear head so that I can do more, more efficiently.
  6. Be more supportive as a wife: do more of what he wants to do when he firsts asks.  Hang out with his family more.  Help him with his career search.
  7. Pray more.  ’nuff said.

Things at home are a bit different than I was hoping they would be when I first started this blog, just 2 months ago, and I’m not getting to do the cool domestic experimentin’ that is the aim of this blog.  I assure you, I will continue to update when I can, but consider this blog to be on indefinite haitus.

-Your favorite salty wench.