I Need Order!

I seem to keep allowing myself to get behind on house-chores.  I despise that.  I fall behind and then someone wants to come over and OMG!  IMUSTCLEANEVERYTHINGNOOOOOOOOOOW!  And I get stressed out and feel bad because I inevitably don’t get to something obvious.

I’m re-establishing a weekly routine of “big” chores to accomplish.  It’s not easy to have a household routine when you have two jobs with “flexible” schedules like I do.  With the way my schedule works, two or three days of the week, I practically go from my office job straight to my retail job – and it’s not always the same days!  If I have a list and a deadline, then I can plan to “make time” for the house.  Also, having a list of things to do will mean that it will be easier to get my husband involved.

  • Mondays or Tuesdays: Sweep/mop/vacuum/dust.  Set bread maker.
  • Wednesdays or Thursdays: Groceries. Bathroom.
  • Fridays: no specific “big” chores (I always work all day).  Set bread maker for Saturday morning.
  • Saturdays: Household repairs & tune-ups.  Sort laundry for next day.
  • Sundays: Wash at laundromat (boo!).  Cook at least one large meal for the following week.